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    Direct Response Facebook Campaign Mastery

    One-Day Training Course

  • Looking for the cheapest Cost Per Click? Don't!


    Creating only discount campaigns? Don't!


    Copying your competition campaigns? Don't!


    Hoping that the latest marketing hypes will save the day? Don't!


    It's time to create an old school Direct Response campaign. On Facebook.

    Marketers and entrepreneurs nowadays are looking for the latest technological solution that will somehow give them a huge competitive advantage. Instead of emphasizing the competitive advantage on your campaigns.


    They want to understand how to get the cheapest cost per click. Instead of focusing on the campaign message that will convert cold traffic into buyers.


    Or they just want to make discount campaigns because everyone else is doing it. When the unique characteristics of product or service are not sufficiently emphasized in the campaign.


    It is time to go back to the basics and create an advertising campaign that would convince the right customer to take the desired action.


    As an advertising channel, we simply use Facebook (and also Instagram).


    So how do we know if our advertising campaign on Facebook will succeed?


    Of course, we have a specific model for writing advertorials, but we don't always know.


    We don't have to know. We're testing. We test the offer-ad angel-target audience-title-visual combinations.


    We are testing 30-100 different ads at the same time to find out which ones work best.


    Seems like a big job? Don't worry - by following a specific structure, you can quickly create these ads.


    In order to understand, of course, what works, we use smart Facebook analytics.


    Once the conclusions are made, you must not rest on the laurels. You still need to improve your best ads and advertising angles.


    So come with me to the campaign wonderland. Come to the Direct Response Facebook Campaign Mastery One-Day Training Course.

  • The Topics

    Facebook Ads workshop

    • Evaluating the impact of your advertising campaign before starting your campaign
    • Facebook's advertising campaign 3 different results
    • Importance of tracking website or campaign page analytics
    • 21 questions to analyze your target audience before making a Facebook ad campaign
    • Branding vs. Direct Response
    • Creating a Campaign for the Estonian Market vs. other countries
    • Using Direct response in a Facebook ad campaign
    • How to create 4-7 different ad angles for each ad campaign
    • 8-part model for ad text creation
    • Different headline formulas
    • Retargeting message 6-part model
    • Selecting the right visuals and videos for testing
    • Restrictions when creating campaigns
    • Why campaigns can fail even if we set up all correctly
    • Business Manager vs. Ads Manager
    • Installing Facebook Pixel and Event Codes
    • Selecting the appropriate target audience for testing and saving that audience
    • Custom Audience different options and configuration
    • Setting up a Lookalike Audience
    • Facebook Ads Algorithm
    • Selecting between different campaign goals
    • Calculating campaign budget
    • Why the campaign budget varies from country to country
    • Showing the campaign in different channels  (including Instagram)
    • Campaign-Ad Sets-Ads Structure and Differences
    • Testing Offer-Ad Angel-Audience-Title-Visual combinations
    • How to create 30-100 different ads for testing
    • Third party software for setting up and managing campaigns
    • Retargeting campaign setup
    • Setting up campaign rules
    • Selecting Campaign Metrics
    • Measuring campaign success
    • Learning about campaign results
    • Improving ad angles and planning future campaigns
  • When and where?

    Training starts at 10:00 and ends at 16:30.


    The training day in London will be held on 09.11.2017 at Apex London Wall Hotel. The address is 7-9 Copthall Ave, London EC2R 7NJ, United Kingdom.



  • Taavi is your trainer. But who is Taavi?

    Taavi Tammpere

    Taavi is the owner of the Social Media Wisdom Ltd.
    He has taught social media marketing to over a thousand people and successfully executed Facebook campaigns in over 30 countries. He also teaches social media marketing at universities in Helsinki and Tallinn. His wisdom will help you achieve maximum results through Facebook.


  • Price

    100% money back guarantee!

    Regular price: £760 per person.


    Get half off. Early Bird price until 05.11 (London): £380 per person.


    Price includes:

    • lunch 
    • coffee breaks
    • free consultations via e-mail.


  • Feedback from a participant

    Ana de Jorge, Storage Made Easy, a UK Cloud Company.

    My name is Ana de Jorge and I am in charge of the Marketing and Communications at Storage Made Easy, a UK Cloud Company.


    I had the honour of attending the exclusive and practical Facebook marketing strategy training day, hosted by Taavi Tammpere.


    During the course we acquired knowledge on all the breaking news on Facebook. We also learned about what this social media platform is offering businesses with regard to advertising.


    Facebook Advertising is now one of the most effective tools out there to grow your business; by generating brand awareness, leads and sales. In the session, we focused on the exact steps and lessons on building up our own paid ad campaigns. We learned all the basics that we need to get Facebook Ads up and running, as well as exploring the best way to achieve successful results.


    If you are ready to optimise Facebook marketing in every way, I wholeheartedly recommend the training day!


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    If you have any questions about the course, or you have a different payment method, feel free to reach out.