• Reach new heights with Facebook marketing

    Facebook marketing strategy training day in Bristol on 12.05.2017

  • Don't let your marketing money go down the toilet!

    Is Facebook worth still the investment in 2017?

    Yes (unless you only need six big clients), but only if you are willing to dig deeper. You have to think further away from "share-and-win campaigns" and "boost post button". Facebook can be a very effective direct sales or supporting sales channel if do the right things and use the right strategy.


    Come and learn how to achieve more results with less time and money.

  • The Topics

    Training will include 3 parts. The last part is Facebook Ads workshop!

    Facebook as marketing channel

    • Why do Facebook marketing now, when the posts reach less people than before.
    • Why 50,000 fans might be better then 500,000 fans.
    • Marketing strategies for B2B and for B2C companies.
    • Facebook marketing vs. traditional marketing.
    • Facebook marketing vs. Google marketing.
    • Facebook marketing vs. e-mail marketing.

    Facebook algorithm and content marketing

    • Why someone would want to be your fan on Facebook and what kind of content do they expect.
    • How much can your post offer and how much do you need to post other stuff.
    • Why on earth do you need to post other stuff.
    • How to easily find content to share.
    • How Facebook Edge Ranks algorithm works.
    • Latest changes in Facebook algorithm.
    • How to write attractive headlines.
    • The latest video marketing changes in Facebook.
    • How to design beautiful pictures for free.
    • Example of things that work.
    • Tools that will make your life a lot easier.

    Facebook Ads workshop

    • When do use ‘’Boost Post’’ button and when not to
    • Different Facebook Ad types
    • How do get maximum results with minimum expenses
    • Finding the right target group
    • Retargeting ads to people who have visited your website
    • Setting up the Facebook Pixel
    • Targeting ads to people who are in your e-mail list
    • Analyzing the results
  • When and where?

    Training day will be held on 12.05.2017 in Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol. The address is Broad Quay BS1 4BY, Bristol, United Kingdom.


    Training will start at 10am until 16:30pm.

  • The speaker

    Taavi Tammpere

    Taavi is the owner of the Social Media Wisdom Ltd.
    He has taught social media marketing to over thousand people and has done Facebook campaigns in over 30+ countries. He also teaches social media marketing at the university in Helsinki and Tallinn. His ideas will help you to achieve maximum results through Facebook.



    The Early Bird price until 28.04 is £295 per person.


    The price until 07.05 is £345 per person. After that the price is £395 per person.


    Price includes:

    • lunch 
    • coffee breaks
    • free consultations via e-mail.


  • Feedback from participant

    Ana de Jorge, Storage Made Easy, a UK Cloud Company.

    My name is Ana de Jorge and I am in charge of the Marketing and Communications at Storage Made Easy, a UK Cloud Company.



    I had the honour of attending the exclusive and practical Facebook marketing strategy training day, hosted by Taavi Tammpere.



    During the course we acquired knowledge on all the breaking news on Facebook. We also learned about what this social media platform is offering businesses with regard to advertising.



    Facebook Advertising is now one of the most effective tools out there to grow your business; by generating brand awareness, leads and sales. In the session, we focused on the exact steps and lessons on building up our own paid ad campaigns. We learned all the basics that we need to get Facebook Ads up and running, as well as exploring the best way to achieve successful results.



    If you are ready to optimise Facebook marketing in every way, I wholeheartedly recommend the training day!


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